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About us

A growing community for artists & creatives -

by artists & creatives.

We are artists & creatives from all over the world that gather, experience, learn, and share through our app, The Pending, which is the heart of our platform. Based on years of experience in the arts industry, the idea for The Pending was born in the beginning of 2020 and has since evolved.

Our professions mean the world to us and are much more than just jobs. We are committed to the fulfillment of our work despite the difficulties we face along the way. In a time where algorithms determine our visibility, things become more complex, and needs become even more specific. What if there was a place where we could all come together, a place to be visible in different ways, a place to exchange and collaborate, and last but not least, a place to inspire us and the world out there?

Since June 2022 we have been in an official beta phase to test, improve, and grow and improve The Pending together with you. We are grateful and excited about all the positive feedback we have received so far, and the countless creatives who have already joined us! Therefore, we would like to say THANK YOU!

At The Pending, we recognize that the world of art and the environment for artists are rapidly evolving, and that artists need to embrace new technologies and mediums to resist in a challenging, often competitive environment in order to reach their audience and thrive in the digital age.

That's why we have decided to base our platform on three levels:

  • Digital - through our The Pending app 

  • Virtual - in our own The Pending Metaverse

  • Physical - by hosting a variety of live events 

A platform on 3 levels..

„An artist can not fail - it is a success to be one“

Charles Horton Cooley


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