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We are proud to be producing the tour of Germany's only state acrobatic school. Twelve young artists are beginning their careers and presenting their show "SenseAtion" all over Europe. We are thrilled to support them in this important milestone!


Presented by The Pending & Berlin Event 

In cooperation with:
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The graduates of the State Artist School Berlin are once again eagerly waiting, their adrenaline-filled anticipation palpable, as they prepare to enter the spotlight of the world's stages and arenas. Fully focused on creating the most sensational debut possible, their senses are sharpened and they are determined to convey their message through a state of ecstasy.

They explore the well-known five senses/perceptions, while devoting particular attention to the sixth sense, depth perception, proprioception - the deeper sense. This is the perception of one's own body in space, the position of the head, trunk, and limbs in relation to one another, as well as their changes in movement, including sensations of weight, tension, strength, and speed.

Who better than artists to explore this still largely unexplored, mysterious sense and bring it to the stage in a vibrant, dynamic, dance-like, acrobatic way, full of joy and movement.

In short, it promises to be a sensory/circus-like, sensational spectacle that you shouldn't miss!

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