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Our app,
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for artists

A multifunctional home for artists worldwide. 

Jobs & collaborations, exchange & inspiration, support & career tools. We aim to provide you with everything you need in order to thrive and inspire. 

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Join thousands of artists from all over the world! 


International community 

Location based

All artistic backrounds


Jobs & collaborations

Exchange & inspiration

TP-Resources for artists

Access to TP Metaverse


No algorithms - equal visibility

Transparent data policy

Minimal costs for artists

The App

The App

Our community says: 

Markus Pabst

Director, Photographer, Author 

“The Pending helps me to find artists for my projects in & outside my field of expertise and helps me to bring my projects to life."
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Zara Shaikh

Painter, Illustrator

"As an artists I depend on visibility. The Pending connects me to other artists and audiences all around the world"
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Marion Crampe

Pole Dancer, Mover

"Collaboration is so essential and The Pending makes it so easy to find together."
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