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Dear Artists..



..don't feel like a long search for
resources & support
that's TRULY
specialised in your work





As artists, we know the challenge..

One struggles countless times through Google to find the right partner who engages with the intricacies and facets of one's artistic existence and is capable of meeting the often individual challenges. That's exactly what we aim to change!

Discover our 40 exclusive partners for artists in Germany in our app - straightforward & fast, allowing you to focus entirely on what truly matters: your art!

Save time and energy!


Andrea Matousek

"As an acrobat who works extensively abroad, I needed professional assistance with my taxes. Thanks to The Pending, I found an expert specialized in my field in a super straightforward manner."

Murtaza Retiwala

"When I arrived in Germany and wanted to start my artistic activity as a musician, I urgently needed legal assistance (visa, permits, etc.). The Pending significantly facilitated this by providing me with a selection of qualified points of contact."

Lisa E.

"With the decision to now fully make a living from my work as an illustrator, the concern naturally arose about what could happen if I couldn't work anymore. Who will provide me with financial security - what insurances would make sense?"

Artists looking for a tax advisor
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