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Sicherheit & Richtlinien

Bewahren Sie die anstehenden Dokumente sicher auf. Ein respektvoller Umgang mit unserer Gemeinschaft ist unsere größte Verantwortung! Bitte helfen Sie uns, indem Sie unsere Community-Richtlinien stets einhalten. 

  • Who is The Pending for?
    The Pending was created for all sorts of artists in the first place. In order to maximise the opportunities for artists of our platform we invite audiences & fans bookers & agencies to join us as well!
  • My category & field is not included in the app - why?
    We do our best to be as inclusive as possible. If we forgot a category or you feel like we should add more options within them – we want to know that in order to change & improve!
  • Are there any costs?
    Artists: The Pending was created to be a supportive place for you. Based on that philosophy, you will be able to use The Pending for free for most services and features. However, please note that we may charge for certain extra options and formats in the future in order to finance our development and to make The Pending even more useful for our users. Art lovers, audiences & fans: We are pleased to welcome you to The Pending. By consuming and following the work of artists, you support their craft, and we appreciate your contribution. Therefore, we are delighted to offer you free access to The Pending, which allows you to experience most features and formats for free. However, please note that in the future, we may introduce fees for certain extra options and formats to finance our further development. Bookers & Agencies: You work with artists and their work. Therefore, we believe that artists should receive fair compensation for their work. If you post a job offer, please make sure that you have an appropriate budget connected to your offer. Currently, we do not charge for posting job offers and requests. However, in the long term, we may introduce a special account type that may be subject to a fee.
  • Is there a destkop version of The Pending?
    Currently, our app is only available on mobile devices. However, we plan to release a desktop version of our app with desktop access to our TP Metaverse in the future.
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